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Happy 7th Birthday Jenna.  We miss you so much and will keep your spirit alive.  We love you more than we can ever express.  You mean the world to us.



I miss you Jenna with all my heart.  Even though your tree is small, it represents you at 6 months.  It is my way of going through the holidays, such a hard time for our family, and dealing with the fact that you are not here when you should be.  I wish all the time there was something extravagant that I could do to express my love for you.  But no matter what I do, no matter what I won't be right, or perfect.  So I just trust that you know from all the love I gave you while you blessed my life that nothing was more important than the love we shared.  NOTHING.  I love you so much.  I miss you more than I can even comprehend. Love, your Mommy 




A message from Jenna's mom.

I miss my daughter everyday.  I miss her when I hear the birds chirp.  I miss her when I just walk through my bathroom.  I miss her when I lay down at night.  I miss her when I drive to work.  I miss her when I see another baby.  I miss touching her soft skin, hearing her sweet voice, knowing that all she wanted was me to hold her.

I love you Jenna.  My heart is forever broken, but forever gleams that you picked me as your mother...  You are my everything.  I miss your lovin's.



My daughter Jenna was my sunshine every morning.  I used to walk in her room and say "Good Morning Beautiful" as she would pick her legs up in excitement and slam them down in her crib.  Her teachers at school loved her and would say that she was their favorite.  Her big sister Hayley talks about Jenna all the time and includes her in every picture she draws.  I try not to point it out that I notice, I am just grateful she feels in her heart that she has a sister even though she isn't here and recognizes that on her very own and in her own special way. 

(This is from an old posting: And Christopher, he loves to point directly at her pacifier in her pictures and say "sappy!" (that is what he calls them).  I can only hope that one day he knows her through the pictures he sees on our walls or the stories we share.)  Update: Christopher who is 2.7 years old does know his sister!  I will never forget the day I walked into his class and his teacher said, we asked Christopher who he was playing with and he said Jenna!  And every picture of her he sees, he says her name!  I am just so very thankful that he has connected with her.  He loves her so much. 

Jenna recently received a new brother.  Well, I should say a Jenna look-a-like.  His name is Jace and came into our lives April of 2010.  He has blue eyes and the exact same hair as her.  It's very strange because he progresses and does the same little things she did.  Sometimes I catch myself frozen staring at him and I just breakdown because he puts me back in Jan/Feb of 2007.  His teachers are the same ones that Jenna had.  They say they swear it's Jenna until they take off his diaper.  

Jenna's Dad continues to work on his project for his little girl.  It helps my heart to know he is so passionate about something not because of it being a hobby, but because it is about someone so important to us.  One of our mustangs she rode in the last week of her life is now a complete drag car with the goal of running 9.11s in memory of her birthday.  The engine is still a 331 as before, it matches the day our lives were hurt.  Ironic but true.


Jenna's beautiful life was cut short at the actions of another driver.  Jenna was safely buckled in, but the high-speed rear-end impact from the other vehicle was too much for her little head.  She was 6 months old and a very happy, never fussy baby.  Life was all about Hayley and Jenna to Chris and I, so trying to rebuild a road of happiness is certainly a struggle.  Everyday I wish I had superpowers to save my little girl.  And of course, everyday, I wish it was me instead.  Nothing is worse than having your child, someone you love so deeply and unconditionally, take their last breaths in your arms.  And the images of my children moments after we were hit, is the screen on my eyes.  It's always there.


Purple is Jenna's color, so we represent purple as often as we can!   And Jenna's room was decorated in butterflies.  The moment I found out that I was pregnant with her, I knew butterflies meant something.  And her room is still the same this day.  We incorporate butterflies in everything we do as well as her favorite color, purple.  There could be a little butterfly in a logo on a sign somewhere and everyone points and shouts "JENNA!".  It's so awesome.

I promise to update this site more often with our lives and stories of Jenna.  Thank you for caring about our family and please be sure to check out  Everything we do, we do for Jenna, our little Jennabear!

Jenna's Sissy (notice the purple!) and Brothers Christopher and Jace:




always remember:

Our sweet Jenna Lynne "Jennabear" Eades was born on September 11, 2006.  She was the most happiest, loving baby.  We will always be the luckiest parents in the world.  Jenna had an awesome personality, always smiling, never fussed.  Her teachers at school would say that she was their favorite, people everywhere would stop to comment on how beautiful she was.  I loved showing her off.  Jenna is my bestfriend, the love of my life

March 31, 2007 at 5:08 pm would be the last time Jenna would see, hear, or know the world.  A truck violently rear-ended the vehicle our family was riding in...the impact was too much for our little Jenna.

Jenna became the most precious Angel on April 1, 2007.  I held her in my arms while she took her last breath.  My heart, which was hanging by a painful thread after watching my children suffer...ripped completely.


Justice will be served for Jenna. 


Daddy's Little Girl!



A note from my heart:

A very horrible afternoon on March 31st led us to the reality inside of a hospital.  I don't consider it fate as I truly feel what happened to my daughters could have been prevented.

Sitting next to Hayley at her bedside, while begging her to come out of a coma...I could see and hear children in pain...yet, without parents or anything to comfort them.

As I travel down this road of trying to understand, with a broken heart, and a motherly pain raging like the unimaginable...I continue and will forever keep my promise to Jenna.

Introducing -

The JENNABEARS Foundation.

A promise forever kept, a difference forever made.

I love you Jenna,

Nicole Eades

And as always, from the mother of Jenna Lynne to you, just visiting this site means that you care about my sweet Jenna, that you are thinking of her.  For that, you are a true friend/supporter.

We miss you so much Jenna...

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